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It began with a vision.

The Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley is taking a proactive approach to education by offering the opportunity for our young people to learn coding at an early age. This concept will give them an edge when it comes to the ever-evolving world of technology. I have thought about this dynamic vision many times over and am convinced, this could be the missing link!

We all understand an education is critical, but what is the main goal of receiving an education?  Obtaining a good job, of course! When business becomes involved and supports a vision such as Base Camp Coding Academy, I believe the end result will be astonishing.

Think about it. Engage our youth from small rural communities, or even kids from crime-riddled neighborhoods across the state and go beyond the classroom. Many of them do not understand the endless possibilities which await them. We are in a position to give them an opportunity to gain hands-on, real world career experiences they otherwise would never have dreamt of. We should arm these children with a chance. It should be part of our calling.

Just imagine, how many other untouched corners of the state are prime candidates for creating a future dynamic workforce which can keep our state moving forward. Aerospace, Engineering, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Science, Space, Tourism, Automotive, Agribusiness and Shipbuilding (to name a few). Mississippi is rich in opportunities for our youth. Now is the time for us, as today’s leaders, to lead by example and “pay it forward”.

Here is the first lesson I learned from my father who farmed for most of his life:  You must plant the seed in order for it to grow. An easy lesson, but so full of truth. The land is primed now, therefore,  what we plant at this moment, can yield a crop of hope beyond anything imagined.

A small pebble is capable of creating an enormous ripple. Rather than simply securing our own future, let’s think about the future on a much larger scale, and leave behind a legacy which will benefit many generations to come.

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