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It’s Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

He’s not on par with a Kardashian, but Punxsutawney Phil is a celebrity, of sorts.

The celebrated groundhog has his day-in-the-sun (or not), today.

According to folklore, a groundhog’s behavior can predict the weather. A sunny day allowing the groundhog to see his shadow will send Phil means six more weeks of winter. A cloudy and therefore shadowless day is a sign of spring encouraging the groundhog to stay above ground.

The legend dates to early German settlers in Pennsylvania, which is why Punxsutawney Phil hails from the keystone state.

According to the National Weather Service, if Phil was doing his act in Mississippi, he would NOT see his shadow today.

Meanwhile, the forecast for the Pennsylvania hamlet where Phil makes his yearly appearance, was calling for clouds, and snow showers. But the forecast failed to mention the brief interlude of sunshine that coincided with the ‘Puxster’s’ appearance. He saw his shadow, thus six more weeks of winter.

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