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Miss. News Briefs: The Byrd is the Word, Deadly Lightning, Trouble in Tupelo

PASCAGOULA, Miss.–Some people just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Once former Jackson County sheriff Mike Byrd crossed that line, there was no going back. Now he’s back in the news, possibly with some of his old tricks. Here’s some news briefs to kick start a slightly less hot week in July:

The Byrd is the word today, the former Jackson County sheriff, who got house arrest, may be back up to his old tricks…

Slugburgers, no real slugs in there, but in Corinth it was the slugburger festival this weekend. If you can eat one or maybe two slug burgers in 10 minutes, you’d probably call your self a champ. How about 43. Mega Toad, AKA Matt Stonie did it in Corinth this weekend and beat his arch enemy on the eating circuit, Joey Chestnut. Now Chestnut beat him at hot dog eating a little while back, but Mega Toad is king in Mississippi, for slugburgers at least.

What you pay for gas, it went down over the weekend. If you’ve been to the gas station today, you’ve probably noticed it’s a few cents lower. Mississippi’s average is at $3.37. Oil Expert Trilbey Lundberg says it could get even lower…

She says oil prices are lower and they’re passing it on to your local gas station.

It’s the death penalty for Justin Blakeney. He’s the guy who killed two-year-old Victoria Viner by hitting her, and it was for his initiation into the Aryan Brotherhood white supremacist gang. He was sentenced to die Friday after the jury in Greene County found him guilty of killing his girlfriend’s little girl four years ago. It took the jury two hours to decide death. Execution date set for November this year, but appeals usually stretch it out.


If you work at a store and you have to make the night time deposit, it might be a good idea to see if you can get a police escort. The ladies who work at the Dollar Tree in Tupelo could tell you that from personal experience after they were held up 10:45 Saturday night. They weren’t hurt, but the guy got the money. Police looking for a white guy, 5 ft. 10, clean shaven, wearing a gray hoodie.

And if that wasn’t enough, somebody fire off a gun at the Kroger gas station in Tupelo Sunday about 6 p.m. Police still looking for whoever did that.

You’ve heard the term quick turnaround. It was a fight and then Chris Williams pulled a gun and shot Shannon Kirk several times in Yazoo County Saturday afternoon, say deputies. Williams is claiming self defense, but they’re charging him. Sources telling News Mississippi Chris Williams may have gotten out of jail as recently as Friday.

When you hear thunder, you better take good advice and head inside. Struck by lightning while riding her horse Friday afternoon. 23-year-old Shannon Mosely died this weekend.

How far south Mississippi’s border goes. It matters and it affects your wallet…

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