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Miss. Senate Approves Getting Rid of Vehicle Inspection Stickers

JACKSON, Miss. – The Mississippi Senate approved a bill that would get rid of vehicle inspection stickers Wednesday morning.

Senators Giles Ward, who is for the bill, argued that the current vehicle inspection law has outlived its usefulness, saying his inspection process is no more complicated than showing his driver’s license and taking a five dollar bill out of his wallet. He also noted that of the 88 cars in parking places assigned to senate members and their staff, 23 have expired inspection stickers and two did not have an inspection sticker at all.

Senator Billy Hudson, who was in opposition of the bill, believes inspection stickers are of a public safety concern. He agreed that the current inspection sticker law is broken, but he would like to see it reformed, not done away with. As Hudson puts it, “we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water.”

“If you’re following a car with no break lights in a rainstorm and they hit their breaks and you don’t see it, you’ve got an accident that is going to kill someone. I’m not concerned about the five dollars, or the 300,000 it cost to run the program, or the window tint. I’m concerned about the public safety,” said Hudson.

The bill moves to Senate for more debate.

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