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How Your Money Was Mishandled And What Was Done

Jackson– Your tax money was abused. This report tells you what was done about it. 

State Auditor Stacey Pickering spoke of how this report compares to other investigations at the Neshoba County Fair.


Now the 2014 State of Mississippi Audit Exceptions Report is out now for the public to see.

The report shows county by county, department by department, how Mississippi tax dollars were abused and what was done about it. State Tax Auditor Stacey Pickering said that over 150 cases of misplaced, misused, or simply stolen money are outlined in the report. Some cases are minor–such as missing equipment at a university as cheap as a bottle of soda. However, other cases are more severe like fraud in the Greenville Public Schools which pocketed 1.2 million dollars of your tax money.

The report outlines just how much money was involved and how the issues were resolved. You can get your copy of the report here.



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