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No education talk expected in Special Session

Gov. Phil Bryant has scheduled a 2017 Special Session for June 5. He says the major pints on the itinerary will be nailing down a budget for the Attorney General’s Office and Mississippi Department of Transportation. 

One major component many are surprised is missing is education funding. Gov. Bryant has not let on in the slightest that EdBuild, MAEP, or any other funding formula will be discussed during the Special Session. State Superintendent Dr. Carey Wright seems to agree.

“As far as I know any of the recommendations from EdBuild will not be apart of the Special Session,” said Wright. “I think the session as I understand it will be just to address the two budgets that need to be addressed.”

That means no changes to education funding for the 2017-2018 school year.

Currently the state is still operating under the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, but it is not fully funded.

Right now MAEP is funded at $40.4 million less than it was last school year.

“Think there will be a lot of discussion coming through in the next year around Edbuild’s recommendations and impact data run and what legislature will accept,” said Wright.

Wright said the proposals made by Edbuild make sense. They suggested a plan that would allow the dollars to follow the children.

“It just takes more money to educate children with disabilities and kids who don’t speak English,” said Wright.

Schools and teachers are aware of the funding situation and Wright said they are not expecting a change until the 2018 school year.

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