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Pascagoula 1973 UFO Sighting: A Look Back

PASCAGOULA, Miss.–Only the 66th anniversary of the Roswell, New Mexico UFO reports, News Mississippi looks back at one of the most famous Mississippi UFO sightings ever.

In October of 1973 two men in Pascagoula claimed they were abducted by aliens and sent the media into a frenzy around the entire country.

“I would put it in the top-20 most famous cases in the entire United States ever,” said Rich Hoffman  Director of Mississippi for the Mutual UFO Network.

The men, Charles Hickson and Charlie Parker, were night fishing after work one evening in an abandoned shipyard when they claim a small, floating craft appeared behind them just off shore when a door opened.

According to the men three small-statured aliens appeared and levitated over to them and took them into the craft; the whole time they claim they were paralyzed.

“I think it’s one of the most well-known cases in Mississippi as any,” said Hoffman.

Once they were onboard the older gentleman, Hickson, said a small “eye” about the size of a small baseball hovered around his entire body for about ten minutes and Parker said he was examined in a separate room by a smaller alien-creature.

“After the Pascagoula case it created a whole plethora of other cases that spread north,” said Hoffman who was living in the Midwest at the time.

After being inspected, the men said they were released after about 20 minutes and levitated back onto the back where they were before the abduction.

Hickson said they were both very weak but he was able to see the craft and its blue lights speed away into the sky.

They called Keesler Air Force Base after sitting in their car for about 45 minutes in disbelief according to reports but were turned to the local authorities to tell their story.

Neither let down from their story decades later and more detailed information can be obtained here.

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