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President Trump and Governor Bryant discuss border security

Photo taken from White House video posted to YouTube. 5-22-18.

Governor Phil Bryant is in Washington, D.C. this week talking with President Trump about border security and safe communities.

On Monday night, President Trump met with five Governors and the Department of Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen where the President called for tougher immigration enforcement.

“We’re working with Congress to close the crippling loopholes in federal law, especially the disgraceful practice of catch and release,” President Trump said. “That’s where you catch somebody, talk to them, sign them, and then you have to release them.”

The President went on to say that he will continue to fight for the border wall. Mississippi currently has 25 National Guard soldiers assisting with border patrol at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During the meeting, Governor Phil Bryant said he was honored to take part in the discussion saying that border security directly coincides with drug trafficking.

“We’ve known it for 30 years now when I was in law enforcement and Mississippi’s I-20, I-55 corridor is a corridor for drugs that are killing our children, that are destroying our culture in many places, particularly in inner cities,” Bryant said. “The trafficking of young girls primarily from South America into the U.S., we are trying to stop that in Mississippi. Stopping that, reducing it at this level will save their lives, will make America Great again, will bring back the jobs that people thought were forever lost to illegal immigrants.”

Bryant added his thanks to the President for “returning America to a nation of laws rather than men.”

Below is a video of the meeting. Governor Bryant begins speaking around the 9:33 mark.

*Video courtesy of The White House.


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