Major General Boyles welcomes 400 guardsmen home

After being deployed to Washington, D.C. last week, 400 Mississippi National Guard service members have returned home after assisting law enforcement with keeping protests peaceful in the nation’s capital. “We just got back 400 guardsmen in from Washington, D.C. last night,” Adjutant General of Mississippi Janson Boyles said on today’s episode of The Gallo Show. … Continue reading “Major General Boyles welcomes 400 guardsmen home”

Mississippi’s Army National Guard Soldiers Headed Home | @TheJTShow

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Cooksey(Deputy Operations Officer – Mississippi Army National Guard) stops by the studio to discuss Mississippi’s soldiers in the Army National Guard that continue to return from their deployment. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here – 300 Mississippi National Guard Soldiers are coming home tonight! After being … Continue reading “Mississippi’s Army National Guard Soldiers Headed Home | @TheJTShow”

Mississippi National Guard prepares for deployment

Brig. Gen. Clint Walker is the head of the Mississippi National Guard. He joined us on The Gallo Radio Show this morning to talk about next year’s deployment of more than 4,000 troops. Many of them have had 2-3 deployments before.

A Statesman and a Soldier’s Firsthand Account

Congressman Trent Kelly, Mississippi’s District 1 U.S. Representative and a National Guardsman with the 168th Engineer Brigade, joined the conversation to give his harrowing firsthand account of the Congressional shooting in Virginia yesterday morning. Representative Kelly was playing 3rd base when the first shot rang out, and his military training kicked in, telling him to … Continue reading “A Statesman and a Soldier’s Firsthand Account”