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Senate Challenger Travis Childers Says He Won’t Vote for Obama’s “Liberal Friends”

JACKSON, Miss. – Senate challenger Travis Childers told a crowd at the Mississippi Economic Council’s annual Hobnob in at the Mississippi Coliseum that if elected to the US Senate, he would not be voting for “Obama’s liberal friends” as suggested in a radio featuring Governor Phil Bryant in support of US Senator Thad Cochran.

“”He would have you believe that I’m connected to all these liberal folks all over the country. He obviously didn’t choose to look at my record, because he would have seen different,” said Childers. “I already said I’m not voting for Harry Ried and I’m not voting for Mitch McConnell because I don’t owe them anything.”

Childers said he would vote for someone into Senate leadership who shares his values and the values of the people in the state of Mississippi.




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