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Skeleton found just outside of Tupelo

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Skeletal remains have been found in a wooded area of Lee County. Authorities say the body was discovered east of Saltillo Saturday, when two people were walking along a rural road.

The area the body was found is a heavily wooded area according to Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

He told News Mississippi that animals are believed to have meddled with the body and that it had been there for at least a couple of months.

Anthropologist and other member of the Mississippi State Crime Lab are being brought in to help identify the remains.

Carolyn Green is the Lee County Coroner and said that the skeleton is believed to be that of a woman. DNA testing will have to prove that.

Green tells News Mississippi that they have gotten a lead on who the bones might belong to and are working with a family to try and see if the DNA matches.

“Once we get the DNA specimen it could take anywhere between a week-and-a-half to two weeks to process that specimen, in order to confirm if it matches up with the bones,” said Green.

Green added that the bones were moved to the wooded area and therefore foul-play cannot be ruled out.

If you have any information regarding the identity of the remains found, you are encouraged to call police.

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