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Starting the New Year Off Wrong: Don’t Get the Flu, Mississippi Has Widespread Cases

ATLANTA, Ga.–A mistake the Centers for Disease Control says happened just after they mixed the big batch of flu vaccine for this season is why more Mississippians are getting the flu. The mistake: Not finding out the H3N2 strain of the virus was out and about until the vaccine had gone out already.

Now, people in Mississippi and 35 other states are being affected. Those states have widespread flu numbers and 15 children have died.

The most effective treatment now for that strain of the flu is anti-viral drugs, said Tom Frieden, CDC director.

“This year treatment with anti-viral drugs is especially important,” he said, “particularly for people who are at high risk for flu complications.

That includes people who are already sick, the elderly and children.

But, Frieden said he believes you should still get the flu shot.

“Antivirals are no substitute for vaccinations. Vaccination prevents flu. But antivirals are an important second line of defense to treat the flu.”

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