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The State Fair in Just One Week: Meet “Turkey Legs” and the Crew as They Put the Fair Together

VIDEO: A look at the midway, one week out

JACKSON, Miss.–The air cooled down at just about the right time. It might actually feel like the fair by the time it starts just one week from today. I went to the state fair grounds Tuesday and hung out with some of the people who are making it happen.

You could hear the drills and the hammers. You could see the lift almost complete and just imagine yourself up there, above the cotton candy and the lights.


The world famous snake lady wasn’t there yet, but they’ve already got the alligator on a stick tent set up, and the roller coasters are starting to look like they’re supposed to. There’s one guy who’s seen a lot of Mississippi State Fairs.

His name is Turkey Legs.

His real name is Elton Moore, and while he’s busy getting his smoked turkey leg stand setup, he’s also watching the guys in green vests and the workers in hard hats and t-shirts put together everything on the midway.

State Fair 2014 2

“What we’re known for is our ham-cured, hickory-smoked turkey legs,” he said. Of course. Where else and why else would he have a name like that.

And how long does it take to set up a turkey leg stand? You may not believe it. Two weeks.

“From the time I start, get the equipment in, clean it, repair it, get it set in place. It’s a lot more to it that meets the eye.”

He said some of the guys who travel the circuit get it done in about a week.

And while you can hear the sounds of the fair in just about a week, what you won’t be able to get from this reporter is a fair account of just what the fair smells like. It’s a smell that has come with fairs and carnivals in this country for over a hundred years. A deep fried food scent that could draw in the hardcore vegetarian. In just a week you’ll be able to get your funnel cakes, chocolate dipped bananas, and take the kids on the ride of their life.

Have fun.

Here’s a LINK to all the State Fair activities:

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