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The State of the Union: Mississippi Senator Anticipates President’s Remarks

WASHINGTON, D.C.–About a day before Pres. Obama was set to deliver his State of the Union address, Mississippi’s junior Republican Sen. Roger Wicker called on the president to work with Republican leadership on job creation and to fix the health care law that many on both sides consider to be a failure.

Wicker said he believes the president will outline an agenda where he will bypass Congress more and more, using executive orders to enact programs and policies, a move that Wicker sees as a violation of what the State of the Union is supposed to do, which is to make recomendations to Congress.

From a news release:

“It should not be difficult for President Obama to outline a number of national priorities that are ‘necessary and expedient’ to recommend for the Congress to consider. As we enter the sixth year of the Obama Administration, the economy continues to suffer from anemic growth and chronically high unemployment. Family poverty statistics are at record-high levels. Small businesses – our country’s chief job creators – are struggling to pay for government mandates and keep Americans at work. In essence, a lasting recovery is still nowhere in sight.

“A major concern for Americans is the President’s health-care law. Individuals, families, businesses, and investors can plainly see that the law is plagued with problems. Hardly a day goes by without hearing our citizens back home who are frustrated and worried about how the law impacts them. Instead of more affordable and more accessible health care, families in my state and across the country are dealing with the backlash of canceled insurance policies, higher premiums, and fewer choices.

“At this point, Americans are right to be doubtful of more promises.  They want to see results.  They want to see real health-care reform. They want to see job-creating strategies that will work.

“Americans need more than phraseology from the President. Without leadership and accountability, the public is right to lack confidence that the President’s big-government approach can move us forward or that the President wants to work with Congress toward bipartisan solutions.”

Wicker called on Obama to help improve the job situation, rather than the welfare situation.

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