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Study finds that 36 percent of workers get day after Christmas off

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It’s the day after Christmas, so are you relaxing at home or are you back at work?

A study done by Bloomberg Law says that while 97% of workplaces offered paid time off to all or most workers on Christmas Day, just 36% did the same for today.

Molly Huie, Manager of Surveys and Reports at Bloomberg Law, says that the decision may be due to the fact that New Year’s Day also falls on a Monday.

“With Christmas and New Year’s falling on Mondays, fewer employers are inclined to provide another paid day off during the holidays,” Huie said. “The silver lining for U.S. workers is that the vast majority of establishments will have some kind of workplace holiday party and many will also get to enjoy two consecutive three-day weekends with pay.”

The study also shows that manufacturers are the most likely to have received both Christmas day and today off, as well as Friday and New Year’s Day.

Manufacturers are the most generous with paid time off.  Over three out of five (62 percent) manufacturers will provide three or more paid days off during the season, compared with 46 percent of non-manufacturers and 45 percent of nonbusiness organizations. For most, this means Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  However, one-quarter of manufacturers will also give Friday, December 29 as a paid day off.”

According to the study, if you were in the office on Christmas day or if you’re planning on working on New Year’s Day, chances are you’ll be seeing a bigger paycheck.

“Over four in five organizations (85 percent) will provide employees extra compensation for holiday work. Additional forms of payment include double pay (31 percent), time-and-one-half pay (24 percent), and regular pay in addition to comp time (12 percent).

Scrooges are the exception — not the norm.  Just six percent of employers will only provide regular pay for working on Christmas or New Year’s Day.”

The results of the survey were based on information provided by nearly 400 companies across a wide variety of industries.

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