Tanya T w/ the Movie News on @TheJTShow

Tanya T stopped by the studio to talk with Dave(@DaveHughes) about the new releases in movie theaters this weekend, and there are two new movies that she touched on. One is a horror/thriller movie called “The First Purge” that is a prequel to the popular “Purge” movies, and the other is the newest installment in … Continue reading “Tanya T w/ the Movie News on @TheJTShow”

ICYMI – Tanya T on Infinity War

Ten years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was kick started by Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, and after 10 years and almost 20 movies later, almost 70 super heroes team up to do everything in their power to stop the Mad Titan Thanos(a super villain that has teased for nearly a decade) from destroying reality … Continue reading “ICYMI – Tanya T on Infinity War”