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Tishomingo County Wants A Liquor Tax…For The Sake of the Children

TISHOMINGO COUNTY, Miss– Tishomingo county didn’t join the wet list until last year. Now they want a 2% wine, beer and liquor tax for a juvenile activities fund. 

A liquor store run is never associated with helping kids but in Tishomingo County, they hope to change that.

“There’s a proposal for a two percent tax on liquor, wine and beer sales sold in Tishomingo County to go to a juvenile activities fund,” says Derrick Jackson, who helped kickstart the proposal.

The county board of supervisors voted, and they want the tax to happen. There’s just one snag in the plan.

“There’s not a law on the books that the county can set that tax,” says Jackson, “state legislature has to vote on it first, approve it, then we can have the vote here.”

Charles Aldridge started the campaign for Tishomingo County allowing sales in the first place.

“We think this could be an example all around the state,” says Aldridge, “two percent of everything spent on alcohol going to kids is a good thing.”

If the legislature does approve this bill, then Tishomingo residents will vote on the movement next year.

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