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Tropical Storm Danny: Where It Is Going, How It Is Picking Up Speed

MIAMI, FLA.– News Mississippi is watching Tropical Storm Danny for you to see if it will affect the state. 

Tropical Storm Danny hit storm status Monday after having wind speeds exceed thirty-nine miles per hour.

“Tropical Storm Danny is a fifty mile per hour storm,” says Dennis Feltgen with the National Hurricane Center, “and conditions are favorable for some strengthening over the next day or two.”

Feltgen says the National Hurricane Center projects that Tropical Storm Danny will be upgraded to hurricane status by Friday.  Per the current path, the storm could reach the Caribbean by early next week.

However, it is too early to tell if the storm will have an impact on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, or even the mainland United States.

“We have a five day forecast, so early next week we’ll have a better knowledge of what’s going to happen next,” says Feltgen.

Here is the full interview with Feltgen:

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