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VIDEO ON DEMAND: Finding Treatments and Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, Wicker Proposes Plan in D.C.

WASHINGTON D.C.– Senator Roger Wicker (MS) proposed his plan to the Legislature today that would fund incentives for folks who are researching a treatment, and eventually a cure, for Alzheimer’s Disease. 

This comes the day after World Alzheimer’s Day. Senator Roger Wicker says that there is no better time to announce that new strides are being made in advancing medicine for Alzheimer’s patients.

“It’s time we unleash the forces of innovation and competition in the fight to treat and cure Alzheimer’s disease,” says Wicker.

The “Ensuring Useful Research Expenditures is Key for Alzheimer’s (EUREKA) Act” would not replace other funding and research initiatives for Alzheimer’s but add another route and even more incentives for researchers.

These incentives are offered to those who are exploring treatments and cures in many areas of Alzheimer’s and Dementia research. The goal in the EUREKA Act is for more identification and validation of Alzheimer’s biological red flags, development of non-invasive and cost-effective early detection and diagnostic tools, repurposing of existing drugs to address Alzheimer’s disease and development of new tools and approaches to care for persons with Alzheimer’s disease.

The EUREKA Act doesn’t hand out money just for research. Prize challenges enable government sponsors to pay only when a prize team achieves specified goals or milestones. These awards will only be granted when teams achieve clearly defined objectives. Additionally, EUREKA would permit the receipt of donations from the private sector and from individuals to fund the competition and build the award fund.

Here is Wicker’s announcement of the bill:

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