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Wednesday weather rundown: 8-2-17

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A comfortable morning across north Mississippi today: temperatures climbing through the mid 70s to reach a high barely scraping 90. Low humidity and a steady breeze will mark your Wednesday. A few showers scattering this morning, but don’t look for much today: instead expect blue skies and puffy white clouds. Tonight getting downright cool: your low dipping into the upper 60s. Tomorrow more sunshine, highs returning to the upper 80s/lower 90s, with rain possible on Friday.

Central Mississippi catching a welcome break in temperatures today: your high leveling out in the mid 80s, with a few clouds overhead but no chance for rain. Humidity levels staying low today as well. Tonight partly cloudy with a low dropping into the lower 70s. Tomorrow a little warmer: highs ticking into the upper 80s for your Thursday. Look for rain through your area Friday as well.

Across the southern parts of the state you can expect highs in the upper 80s today with little chance for rain, however the Coast is looking at thunderstorms moving in tonight.

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