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Wreck causes massive delays on reservoir spillway

A Monday morning accident on the Spillway on the Ross Barnett Reservoir caused a traffic delay for over an hour.

A Toyota RAV4 hit a Tundra, which hit a Tacoma. happened on the Ridgeland end of the dam heading toward Lake Harbour, according to the Ridgeland Police Department.

The Toyota RAV4 had the entire front end ripped off. The airbags were deployed. The Tundra and the Tacoma suffered less damage.

Pieces of the bumper and shattered glass littered the two-lane roadway as traffic on the narrow Spillway was split down the middle to allow for Ridgeland Police, the fire department and tow trucks to make their way to the scene.

No injuries were reported, and no medical response was requested.

A News Mississippi listener submitted the pictures above. This is traffic parting for Ridgeland Police to access the scene from the Rankin County side.

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