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Burn Bans: Where You Cannot Burn Anything Outside in Mississippi and Why

JACKSON, Miss.–More counties are being added to a growing list of places where you are forbidden to burn anything outdoors in the state. The latest county to be added: Hinds. The reason: really dry weather means fires can spread very quickly and could put you and your property in danger.

Fire crews across the state have struggled to respond to the numerous wildfires over the past couple of weeks. For now it does not look like the fire weather will be letting up.

LINK: The latest burn ban info:

National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Edmunston told News Mississippi that low relative humidity (the amount of moisture in the air), combined with high winds of 15 mph or better, and plenty of fuel, like dry leaves and grass, are a great recipe for fires. All you have to do, in some cases, is provide a flame or a spark.

News Mississippi asked what it would take to make things better.

“A widespread one inch rainfall,” he said. “One inch in a short period is not what we’re looking for. One inch over a day or a day and a half, a slow system would be more beneficial. If we got into a wetter pattern, that would also help.”

He said he’s not seeing anything like that happening in the near future.

Most of the burn bans, according to the Mississippi Forestry Commission website, are set to end in late February, or go until further notice.

Counties under the bans right now: Simpson, Wayne, Lauderdale, Hinds, and Rankin. If you are caught in the these counties burning anything outside, you could be fined between $100 and $500.

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