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Buy grumpy, don’t be grumpy

Grumpy Man is a small business success story out of Purvis, Mississippi. For the past six years, founder, Nathan Sanford, has been creating whole food based salsas, jellies and more from scratch.  Nathan and his staff approached 2019 as a year of growth and expansion until life imploded their plans.

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Nathan started 2019 with plans to conquer the world by making it a lot grumpier every day.  A large portion of this plan was based around Susannah Hood, an employee of Grumpy Man since 2017, who has been pivotal in helping to grow the business.  Unfortunately, Susannah was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the beginning of this year.

What makes this story a Good Thing is how Nathan is helping his small business employee the best he can with the resources a small business has available. Nathan and Susannah joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to share their inspiring story.

Their slogan is: buy grumpy, don’t be grumpy.

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