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Buying a New Car: When to Stop by the Dealership, What to Do Before You Head There

JACKSON, MISS— If you’re getting ready to buy a new car, you may be budgeting out your monthly payments. There’s a few tips to follow if you want to take a good bit off the sticker price. 

“If you see a really good price on the internet, I’d take advantage of that,” says Audrey Ens, Online saleswoman for Gray Daniels Nissan, “go in that weekend, because they may change that price by the next week.”

Ens says even after looking for the lower prices online, timing is everything.

“The end of the month is a great time,” says Ens, “dealerships are trying to make their numbers. So they’ll work a better deal out to hit those numbers.”

If payday keeps you from going at the beginning of the month, Ens says the earliest part of the month is good as well,because if the previous month’s numbers were short, salesmen are working to get a head start.

But even after online shopping and deciding where to go, Ens says for a good deal on your future car, refer back to your past dealer.

“You may get a discount for repeat visits and referrals,” says Ens, “big dealerships depend on repeat buyers and referrals. They’ll take care of you if they know you’ll come back, and refer a spouse or someone else.”

So if you’re looking to buy a car soon, in order to save the big bucks, shop online, plan a time to go, and meet up with your old salesman. But if you’re a first time car buyer, Ens says just doing a little research will also help you save.

“Call ahead to the dealer,” says Ens, “do your research. You’ll be more likely to save if you’ve done research and called ahead, instead of just walking onto the lot.”

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