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Five-Time Probation Violator Recaptured, How They Got Him

PHOTO: Adams Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

NATCHEZ, Miss.–It may not be any surprise that a guy who has violated probation five times ran off when jailers let him work on a work detail right outside the jail. But, he was captured withing a day and is back on the inside now.

Dominique Williams hid out in the county, but deputies got a tip that someone was going to pick him up and give him a ride to a safe place in the city limits of Natchez.

Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said on his website that his deputies set up surveillance and got a make on the vehicle at about 4:15 Tuesday afternoon.

That’s when they moved in and surrounded the car. Sure enough, Williams was inside. He’s been charged with escape and could get an extra five years.

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