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Good Fourth of July Watermelon is Ripe at Your Ears and Fingers (Video Included)

JACKSON, Miss. — As you get ready for your family’s Fourth of July cookout, a perfect tasting watermelon might be on your holiday menu. 

To make that happen is going to require you doing some tapping and some knowledgeable listening, according to Bill Paige, who sells watermelons in West Jackson.  “You see, you tap it like that,” he explained.  “If it sounds like a hollow sound, that’s what people are listening for.  That means its ripe all the way through.”  That hollow sound may even resemble the sound of trapped water, or the juices in your melon.  “But if it has a hard sound, that means it kind of green; you know, it ain’t ready.”  

Paige said you can find some great watermelons almost anywhere in Mississippi. “But Simpson County has the best ones.” 

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