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The Right to Hunt and Fish: Ward Says It’s to Defeat a Liberal Agenda and Protect Your Rights

JACKSON, Miss.–On the Nov. 4 ballot will be an amendment to Mississippi’s constitution that would make hunting and fishing a right in Mississippi. You can either for for it or against it. State Sen. Giles Ward (R-Louisville), chairman of the Senate Committee on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, said he believes the amendment will help prevent gun rights from being taken away from Mississippians and will bolster a “right that is sacred to Most Mississippians”.

“There have been things that have happened in the United States in the last four or five years, as the liberal extremists began to promote agendas,” he said.

Ward said the amendment is supported by the National Rifle Association and that 17 other states have adopted similar amendments.

“We will still have to have a hunting license, still have to observe seasons and still have to observe bag limits.”

That is written into the amendment.

“Subject only to such regulations and restrictions that promote wildlife conservation and management as the legislature may prescribe by general law,” said Ward, reading off the exact language of the amendment.

Ward said he believes most Mississippians would agree with the language in the amendment.

“It’s important for us to protect this right.”

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