Brett Kittredge from Mississippi Center for Public Policy | @TheJTShow

Brett Kittredge(Director of Marketing and Communications with Mississippi Center for Public Policy) stopped by the studio to discuss the uselessness of raising the Cigarette tax(we’ve increased Cigarette tax 500% in recent memory and revenue has remained flat!) and the census data that shows Mississippi lost population due in part to income tax! If you missed … Continue reading “Brett Kittredge from Mississippi Center for Public Policy | @TheJTShow”

@KELoughead on @TheJTShow

Katherine Loughead(Policy Analyst for Tax Foundation) joined the conversation on the JT Show to discuss proposed changes to taxes in the Magnolia State. From a tax swap that she sees as being beneficial to the state of Mississippi to a cigarette tax that has historically shown to be lacking in sustainability, our options for revenue … Continue reading “@KELoughead on @TheJTShow”