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Texas Gov. Rick Perry and John Ratzenberger Speak at Energy Summit in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. – The Governor’s Energy Summit was held Wednesday in the capital city, promoting energy expansion and discussing energy’s roll in the economy. The two closing speakers included Texas Gov. Rick Perry and John Ratzenberger.

unnamedRatzenberger, who you may know as Cliff Clavin from the show Cheers or the voice of Ham from Toy Story, is also a Co-Founder of Nuts, Bolts, and Thingamajigs, a foundation aimed at encouraging young people to explore careers in manufacturing. During Rateznberger’s speech, he put a lot of blame on the “Woodstock” generation for being over protective of their kids and encouraging what he called “useless college degrees” instead of useful trade skills. He believes the lack of young people in the manufacturing industry will hurt the country’s economy in the future.


During Rick Perry’s keynote speech he called for far less restrictions onunnamed exporting oil and natural gas, saying it would help the American economy and aid allies who are threatened by Russian control over natural gas resources.

“Energy is a weapon in the hands of aggressors, so here’s what I say – If energy is going to be used as a weapon, America needs to have the largest arsenal. But our arsenal, that arsenal of American energy, will not be used to bully other nations, but to set them free,” said Perry.


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