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Frozen Roads Will Still Be A Problem in North Mississippi

TUPELO, Miss.–Northern Delta counties over to Oxford, Tupelo and Iuka could still be having some winter weather trouble, even though the precipitation is over. Any water left on the roads has refrozen and may not melt through the day today.

“We have frozen roads pretty much all over the mid-south,” said Meteorologist John Sirmon, with the National Weather Service Memphis office. That’s the one that monitors north Mississippi.

“For north Mississippi probably around 32 to 37. We’ll have 35 in Tupelo,” he said. “Down to the south of Tupelo it’ll be about 37, so it’s gonna be borderline. We’ll probably see some melting, but I wouldn’t expect all the precipitation to melt today.”

So, the message is, watch out driving on any roads and bridges in north Mississippi and the northern Delta.

Colder weather will move in for Wednesday night and Thursday, with pipe-busting temps for the northern counties.

“Thursday morning at Tupelo, we have seven degrees.”

The rest of the state will have a much milder Thursday morning, with temps in the low 20s.

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