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Mississippi Fall Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Getting Ready For What’s Ahead

JACKSON, Miss– It’s the week that the National Weather Service gets you ready for what could be one of the most severe weather seasons of the year. 

When Spring is over and the summer hits, the fear of tornadoes occurring may fall by the wayside. Fall comes around, those temperatures change again, and that can lead to tornadoes.

“People tend to forget that time of year as an active time for tornadoes,” says National Weather Service Meteorologist Steve Wilkinson, “so we use this week to bring awareness before the peak time hits.”

The tornadoes that can occur in the fall may not be any stronger than the spring tornadoes, but there is one big difference.

“Many of the tornadoes in say, November, occur more at night,” says Wilkinson.

The way to be prepared is to have an alert system that will wake you up.

“Weather radio is a means of doing that,” says Wilkinson, “many apps on your cell phone can do that, too.”

Right now, there’s isn’t anything on the radar. But that doesn’t mean it’s all clear.

“Four, five, six days ahead of time we can start to pinpoint this is a day we need to watch,” says Wilkinson.

Wilkinson says to pay attention to the weather getting into November, as that’s when the temperature changes quickly, which can lead to those storms.

“We encourage people to stay up to date on the latest,” says Wilkinson, “I hate to say things change, but our understanding of things change quickly.”

Here’s the whole conversation with Steve Wilkinson.

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