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A Royal Dis For Cochran, Wicker: Censured By Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss.–You might remember when Mississippi’s senators were in favor of sending $50 billion in aid to people in the northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy. That’s just one of many votes that’s gotten senators Cochran and Wicker censured by the Marshall County republican Party.

That means, essentially, that the Republican senators get a vote of no confidence from that Republican Party branch north Mississippi. But it doesn’t fly with the state Republicans, who told media Tuesday that it’s only coming from the county and no one else.

Among the items that have the senators in trouble with the Marshall County folks are voting to increase the debt limit, voting for measures that support ObamaCare and supporting the Obama administration’s drone program against U.S. citizens, according to the county Republican website. Here is the part where funding for aid for Sandy relief is blasted:

Voted to fund 50.5 Billion for Super Storm Sandy: In January of 2013, Senator Cochran voted to federally fund disaster relief. This bill was unconstitutional and this funding was not for acute disaster relief, rather it acted as a stimulus. Senator Cochran voted with the Democrats in opposition to most of his own party. Further, in opposition to his own party, he rejected an amendment that would offset the costs added to the federal deficit

You can check out what else the Marshall County group said about the two senators here:


There seems to be a growing pattern of discord between the GOP old guard and those more closely associated with the Tea Party movement and other, newer Republican factions.

Cochran, 75, now faces opposition potentially from other Republicans in the next election.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel has more than hinted that he may try a run for the seat.

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