OHS Day 40: Some Changes Coming for OHS! (Ryno)

You will want to stay tuned later this week, as Ryno takes over “Tuesdays with Coach Kilgore” and transforms it into “Thursdays with Coach Kilgore”! With only a few days left in the first phase of Operation Healthy State, I’m doing my best to shave off another few pounds, before Coach takes the intensity up … Continue reading “OHS Day 40: Some Changes Coming for OHS! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 39: Day 1 of Week 11! (Ryno)

Week 11 got started with a 4-round circuit, and I’m not trying to brag, but I killed it! I know part of it was the motivation to work off the fried foods I enjoyed during my trip to Nashville for the US Soccer match this weekend, but a big part of my ability to do … Continue reading “OHS Day 39: Day 1 of Week 11! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 38: I Said the Wrong Day in the Video (Ryno)

In my daily video diary, I said it was Day 37, but I was mistaken, and I didn’t realize it until just a second ago, so we’ll just act like I said Day 38. Sound good? Day 38 was an “active recovery” day that involved some light bike-time and a lot of stretching and foam … Continue reading “OHS Day 38: I Said the Wrong Day in the Video (Ryno)”

OHS Day 37: My First 5K! (Ryno)

I have a new found respect for runners that can complete a 5K without slowing up, like some of the competitors at the Watermelon 5K, but I have to say, walking in a 5K wasn’t THAT bad. Rebecca Turner, the host of Good Things on Supertalk from 2-3 PM each week day, set a pace … Continue reading “OHS Day 37: My First 5K! (Ryno)”

OHS Day 36: Winds of Change are Blowing (Ryno)

Some things are changing for Operation Healthy State, but have no fear, I will be your constant. In the 10th week of this fitness journey, I will take on something I never even considered a possibility. I am going to take on a 5K race. I won’t be running in it, but I will be … Continue reading “OHS Day 36: Winds of Change are Blowing (Ryno)”

OHS Day 34: Some Advice That Might Seem a Little Weird(Ryno)

Ryno battled tightness and soreness in his lower back all last week, and now he has some advice on how to combat that soreness. Now this advice may seem a little weird at first, but if you jump in with both feet and commit to working out and getting healthier, it will work. To alleviate … Continue reading “OHS Day 34: Some Advice That Might Seem a Little Weird(Ryno)”

OHS Day 33: Snacking Tip(Ryno)

Full disclosure. I make fun of Dawn for not knowing what day it is when we start shooting videos for Operation Healthy State, and I went and recorded a video where I said the wrong day. SO I waited until I got home to the “man-cave” to shoot my daily video diary, and I wanted … Continue reading “OHS Day 33: Snacking Tip(Ryno)”

OHS Day 32: Week 9 Gets Underway(Ryno)

After spending most of last week rehabilitating by lower back, it felt good to jump back into the routine of working out, but I’ve still got to work on balancing everything needed to continue this fitness journey. Since I was spending so much time stretching and working on getting my back squared away, I took … Continue reading “OHS Day 32: Week 9 Gets Underway(Ryno)”

OHS Day 31: Week 8 Comes to a Close(Ryno)

With my back strain almost fully recovered, I was able to work out my legs and do some more stretching with Coach Kilgore today, and we even had a special guest join us for the workout, the Millsaps Athletics Director Donnie Brooks! I have nothing against working out with Dawn, because throughout our fitness journey, … Continue reading “OHS Day 31: Week 8 Comes to a Close(Ryno)”

OHS Day 29: Week 8 Begins with Stretching(Ryno)

I fought for several days towards the end of last week with a lower back strain that had me walking around the office and my apartment rather gingerly. I stretched and massaged my back as much as I could, but I just couldn’t seem to get any relief. When I showed up to the Gym, … Continue reading “OHS Day 29: Week 8 Begins with Stretching(Ryno)”

OHS Day 28: Last Day of Week 7 (Ryno)

Seven weeks in the books and I’m unofficially(we don’t have an “official” weigh in until next week) under 300 pounds for only the 2nd time since probably half-way through high school. I’m going to spend some time this weekend rehabbing my lower back, because I don’t want a niggling injury to hold me back and … Continue reading “OHS Day 28: Last Day of Week 7 (Ryno)”

OHS Day 27: Killing Calories with Cardio (Ryno)

Today’s workout included a fair amount of time on the Calorie Bike(a.k.a. the “Devil Bike”), and I burned almost 300 calories with just the bike alone. To put that into perspective, it took roughly 20-25 minutes of heart-pumping, leg-churning work to burn off those roughly 300 calories, and a king-size Snickers could negate all of … Continue reading “OHS Day 27: Killing Calories with Cardio (Ryno)”