The Mississippi Federation of Women’s Clubs Since 1898

The Mississippi Federation of Women’s Clubs (MFWC), a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, is an organization of women whose goal is personal enrichment leading to volunteer service that benefits the community, state, nation, and world. Did you know: MFWC organization helped organize and support the Mississippi Library Commission and established more than … Continue reading “The Mississippi Federation of Women’s Clubs Since 1898”

Mississippi Women in Rotary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of women being allowed in the Rotary Club, and it took a Supreme Court decision in 1987 to do it! Barbara Travis and Roscoe Greene, both Past District Governors for Central Mississippi District 6820, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to share the¬†fascinating story of how women have contributed … Continue reading “Mississippi Women in Rotary”

Women in Politics

It can be disheartening to hear that Mississippi is one of two states that have never sent a woman to either the Senate or the House. The other is Vermont. Yet, it is encouraging to watch women, like State Treasurer Lynn Fitch, blaze trails in Mississippi politics. Still, more of Mississippi’s talented, well organized and … Continue reading “Women in Politics”

Inspiring Mississippi Women

Sara Ann Powers had fun in D’Lo teaching Major Berry and his town yoga, but that is not all she is up too. Sara Anna also helps women in Mississippi and Internationally pursue their powerful purpose. Sara Ann stopped by the studio to give ladies an encouraging word for the upcoming holiday season and stresses.