Happy Franksgiving (You read that right!)

You’ve never known the upcoming holiday as anything other than “Thanksgiving,” but imagine telling your family and friends, “Happy Franksgiving,” that is how it once was (at least for a moment in time).  Brother Rodgers with Mississippi Archives and History came back to the studio to tell us more.

Ham for the Holidays

While many Mississippi homes might argue over the must have Holiday side dishes- most are in agreement that wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey and a HAM! The guys for Logan Farm’s stopped by the Good Things studio to talk ham and teach Rebecca what NOT to do with ham. Are you making the same … Continue reading “Ham for the Holidays”

Winners by Choice

Being optimistic doesn’t come easy some days or for some people (especially for us ladies) – life can be hard – and sometimes you need a friendly reminder that better days are ahead and you have the power to change it. Author and motivational speaker, Dale Smith Thomas, joined us by phone to talk about … Continue reading “Winners by Choice”

Eight Days of Hope on Good Things

The work done by Eight Days of Hope is truly phenomenal, and if you missed it on Good Things with Rebecca Turner, they have recently announced a Nationwide expansion that will be headquartered in Tupelo! After opening a new building to help spread their ministry and to better facilitate the work they do helping restore … Continue reading “Eight Days of Hope on Good Things”

Mississippi Chef Makes Health a Priority

While it is no secret that Mississippi overall continues to struggle with finding balance between good food and fitness- it isn’t impossible- even if you are gaining wisdom in your age.  A Gulf Coast businessman and celebrity chef- Rob Stinson joined the conversation to talk how he took control of his health at the ripe … Continue reading “Mississippi Chef Makes Health a Priority”

Prison Writers Initiative

There are over 20,000 prisoners in the state of Mississippi and most of them will return to the general population at some point.  Mississippi Prison Writes Initiative, believes that teaching them to read and write can provide invaluable skills for newly released inmates who are entering the job market.  Louis Bourgeois from Oxford, MS with the … Continue reading “Prison Writers Initiative”

Together for Hope

Together for Hope, formed in 2001 and is a 20-year commitment to the 20 poorest counties in the country. Using the Texas Hunger Initiative toolkit, Together for Hope, is looking to cultivate a rural development coalition that can help build stronger communities from the inside out. Rev. Jason Coker stopped by the studio to talk … Continue reading “Together for Hope”

Inspiring Mississippi Women

Sara Ann Powers had fun in D’Lo teaching Major Berry and his town yoga, but that is not all she is up too. Sara Anna also helps women in Mississippi and Internationally pursue their powerful purpose. Sara Ann stopped by the studio to give ladies an encouraging word for the upcoming holiday season and stresses.

Mississippi Choir to Sing at Carnegie Hall

Every church choir has it’s own personality, sound, and uniqueness. All making a joyful noise in the name of worship. But every once in awhile, a church choir comes along that catches the attention of others outside of the church walls and gets recognized for it. And that is what has happened to a church … Continue reading “Mississippi Choir to Sing at Carnegie Hall”

Mississippi IRONMAN Champ

Imagine running into open water with about 2,400 people, all trying to get out and back faster than you! There are countless hours of preparation, countless things that can go wrong, and countless memories made in the entire journey. Only 40 of those 2,400 at the Louisville, Kentucky IROMAN ended race day by crossing the … Continue reading “Mississippi IRONMAN Champ”

Mississippi’s Bagpipe Band

Pipe Bands are a fun and exciting way for students to get a feel of the traditional Scottish bagpipe and drum band at Presbyterian Christian School in Hattiesburg Mississippi and the surrounding area. The band is the only high-school based pipe band in the state.   PCS Pipe Band Director, Mathew Beall, stopped by the Good Things … Continue reading “Mississippi’s Bagpipe Band”

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, yet there is still types of the disease that hasn’t gain enough awareness. Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC): a rare and very aggressive disease in which cancer cells block lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. This type of breast cancer is called “inflammatory” because the breast often looks swollen … Continue reading “Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)”