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Creepy Clown Causing a Fright Late at Night

Photo: WAKH Facebook

MCCOMB, MISS.- Just when the night starts to chill down, that’s when the creepy clown starts lurking around. You can find him in McComb in dark corners, cemeteries and parks late at night.

Is it a hoax, a big joke, a publicity stunt, nobody knows, but here’s what McComb police Chief Scott McKenzie says, “We’ve made our officers aware of it and during their normal patrols they’re just kind of keeping an eye out on it. If they see him then they’ll go talk to him and see what he’s up to.”

The clown has been sending pictures to McComb radio station WAKH and has made a splash from there. The radio station posted on their Facebook page, asking people to send in pictures of the clown. At one point, they got an email from It said, “I go wher I want cuz I like it here you all nice people.”

As far as police know, the clown has only taken pictures showing him in public locations and hasn’t tried to step out or startle anyone, so he hasn’t broken any laws. McKenzie says, “As of right now, he’s just not doing anything that requires us to take things to another level.”

Residents of McComb have expressed different feelings about the clown. Some are for it, some are scared by it, some think it’s just a fun Halloween prank, but many are out “clown hunting” with hopes of spotting him.

The clown hasn’t caused any trouble at this point, but he’s a little scary one might say. So, if you see it around, snap a picture or just run, that’s up to you. Hopefully, this clown stunt is just some Halloween fun.

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