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Getting your home ready for spring

JACKSON, Miss.- Handyman Buddy Slowik gives some tips and pointers for getting your house ready for the warmer weather.

Spring is just around the corner and that means your home may need a little more attention.

He says start off with the plants. For anything that is around your house, make sure it’s trimmed up and not blocking your line of site. prune all plants so that they’ll be sure to grow to their best.

When you’re doing your landscaping make sure not to put the pine straw all the way up to the brick of your house, it can get in drains, and deteriorate the health of your home.

Next up, you might want to give your house a bath. Spring is the best time to wash of the house ans clean things up outside. But be careful, Slowik says that sometimes if you wash too soon the pollen can turn your house green.

Rinsing off the outside can also allow for you to see where any repairs need to be made such as caulking, repainting, or fixing broken glass. When you see these problems, go ahead and fix them. You don’t want to put off home repair until the last minute.

When it comes to painting, whether its for fashion or because you’re really in need of a new coat, there are plenty of colors to choose from. Make sure the painting is done right and that any raw material is primed before it is painted.

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