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Largest meth bust in the state’s history

PEARL, Miss.- The Mississippi Highway Patrol made a routine traffic stop on I-20 in Pearl at Airport Road when they came across quite a lot of drugs. 

It was a white Dodge Ram with six wooden pallets. When the trooper asked the father and son what they were for the stories didn’t match up. The trooper then got verbal consent to search them and that’s when he found over 250 lbs of meth.

53-year-old Adrian Cuevas and his 25-year-old son Oscar were arrested and brought to MHP where after further inspection it was found that the pallets were created to haul the large stash.

Each pallet had about 43-48 lbs of meth hidden within it.

This was the largest crystal meth bust in the state and the suspects will be held at the Rankin County Jail with charges of possession and intent to distribute.

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