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News Mississippi Goes Ghost Hunting.. Duff Green Mansion, A Home and A Haunt

VICKSBURG, Miss– News Mississippi’s Chelsea Corona and Courtney Carter joined Mississippi Paranormal Society for a paranormal investigation at Duff Green Mansion. 

When you’re standing at the bottom of the stairs leading to the front of Duff Green Mansion, it’s easy to note the old paint peeling off the iron work, and the discoloration of the wood that dates back to 1856.

Aside from that, the house is beautiful. Immediately this reporter resorted back to the normal skepticism. This place was too pretty to be haunted. Floor to ceiling windows, a courtyard, ballrooms, parlors, dining rooms–this is a preserved in history, but forgotten because of the economy.

Duff Green had the mansion built for his bride Mary in 1856. It was a wedding present to fit her one request.

“She wanted to have parties here,” says Brian Riley, founder of Mississippi Paranormal Society.

During the Siege of Vicksburg in the Civil War, the house was volunteered as a soldier’s hospital so that it wouldn’t be destroyed. It housed Union and Confederate soldiers.

“The room beneath the parlor is where they did the amputations,” says Riley, “people say they have seen soldiers without legs in the guestrooms.”

The room beneath the parlor was the amputation room. The parlor is where Chelsea Corona and Courtney Carter conducted their very first paranormal investigation.

Brian Riley led Corona, Carter, and two friends into the parlor. Brian set out flashlights, recorders, K2 meters, and the dowel rods, which are powered by the energy of the spirit in the home.

The other homes they had toured that day were just ghost tales. Duff Green Mansion was different.

It went from a calm night to a light show of communication between those once living and those visiting the historic mansion. The occulus, a device that allows a spirit to activate words, was going off with keywords like “light, marriage, paranormal.”

Here’s the video footage of a portion of the session:

** NOTICE: This is an actual paranormal investigation. Everyone in the room is acting as paranormal investigators. ***

And here’s audio:

Chandelier Duff Green Feature Duff Green SIde Duff Green Sign Duff Green

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