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Sheriff: Shooting a Reminder of Dangers in Law Enforcement

TISHOMINGO COUNTY, MISS– Following the deadly shooting Saturday that claimed the life of Agent Lee Tartt, Tishomingo County Sheriff John Daugherty released a statement about how this was a tragic reminder of what law enforcement officers face every day. 

Saturday morning, we got a stark reminder of the inherent dangers of a career in law enforcement. Tragically, a brother in blue was killed and three others were wounded. The names of the three wounded officers could have very easily ended up on their agency’s memorial monument in Jackson. Fortunately, all three have good prognoses and should recover.

I want to extend my gratitude to all the law enforcement agencies and officers who came to assist us as we dealt with this situation. Additionally, the other emergency responders, including the medical personnel and firefighters, were critical in the efforts to ensure these officers were able to protect the citizens of Tishomingo County and all of the State of Mississippi. We pray violence and death will spare us, but reality tells us differently. If these emergency responders work together, as a team, the chances of a peaceful resolution to dangerous circumstances increases drastically. I thank our emergency responders and the people of Tishomingo County.

Agent Tartt was a 15 year veteran of MBN, and had a 22 year career in law enforcement. He’ll be laid to rest Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Grenada, followed by the burial at Smith Cemetery.



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