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Joe Max Higgins on Bringing Factory Jobs BACK to Mississippi

"We've lowered the county millage by 11 mills, borrowed 65 million dollars, can pay it back and still have resources
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Rick Looser on the Relaunch of the Mississippi…Believe It! Campaign

"He asked me where I was from and I said I was from Mississippi and he said let me ask
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Alabama is a 16 point favorite over Washington. Is that line too big?

A line in a COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF GAME is 16 points! That seems huge, but is it really too big,
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How important is Cam Akers to Ole Miss’ signing class?

Everyone by now knows that Cam Akers is the best high school prospect in Mississippi, and one of the best
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  • ON DEMAND | Gallo Radio Show
    Gallo Radio Show (3rd Hour)
    Sports Director Dixon Williams,
    Gallo Radio Show (2nd Hour)
    Mandy Rogers, special needs advocate, gives an update on the case against a former Greenville High School special needs teacher,
    Gallo Radio Show (1st Hour)
  • ON DEMAND | Mission Nutrition
    Mission Nutrition
    Mission Nutrition
    Mission Nutrition
  • ON DEMAND | The J.T. Show
    The J.T. Show (3rd Hour)
    Debbie Hudson, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and executive board of the Natchez Tricentennial Celebration, Nancy Reuther and Carol Jones, of the Monmouth Historic Inn and Gardens,
    The J.T. Show (2nd Hour)
    Craig Ray, Mississippi Tourism Director, and Jennifer Ogden Combs, Executive Director Natchez Tricentennial Commission, Senator Bob Dearing LIVE in Natchez,
    The J.T. Show (1st Hour)
    Mississippi Tourism Director Craig Ray joins JT LIVE at the Natchez Welcome Center, Kathleen Bond, Superintendent at Natchez National Historic Park, Mayor of Natchez Darryl V. Grennell, Jennifer Ogden Combs, Executive Director of the Natchez Tricentennial Commission,
  • ON DEMAND | Trending Now
    Trending Now
    This Day in Sports History | 12-8
    This Day in Sports History | December 8,
    Werner not returning to Ole Miss staff
    Werner not returning to Ole Miss staff,
  • ON DEMAND | Head to Head
    Head to Head (3rd Hour)
    Head to Head (2nd Hour)
    Head to Head (1st Hour)
  • ON DEMAND | Garden Mama
    Garden Mama
    Garden Mama
    Garden Mama
  • ON DEMAND | Handyman

On Demand :: Podcasts

  • ON DEMAND | Eagle Hour
    Eagle Hour Dec. 9, 2016
    Eagle Hour December 8, 2016
    Former Golden Eagle Fullback Clemon Terrell (1980-1983) followed by Sun Herald reporter Patrick Magee.,
    Eagle Hour Dec. 7, 2016
  • ON DEMAND | Fueled Up with Rebecca Turner
    Fueled Up - Ep 4
    Fueled Up - Ep 3
    Talking Dietary Protein, it's importance, misconceptions and the most efficient way to eat it in your everyday life to optimitize your training and performance,
    Fueled Up - Ep 2
    Rebecca makes the case for quality versus quantity nutrients. Learn the basics of digestion and why simply counting calories doesn't work. ,
  • ON DEMAND | Get Mo Gallo
    Get Mo Gallo - with John Allison Part 2
    Get Mo Gallo - with John Allison Part 1
    A Conversation with Dickie Scruggs - Part 3
    Part 3 - Paul Gallo talks with Dickie Scruggs about Ole Miss, the tobacco settlement and jobs and education in Mississippi.
  • ON DEMAND | Jukes, Joints and Jambalaya
    Ep 2 with JT
    Fun is a family recipe. Originating in Starkville, Mississippi, The Little Dooey has become a popular barbeque destination in the region, attracting regular, local diners and guests from all over the country. JT sits down with Bart Wood to talk about the history and the secret to their success. ,
    Ep 1 with JT
    JT visits Sherman's Restaurant in Greenville, talks with Peter and Allison Nimrod and talks about his favorites there including their homemade Gumbo and what makes it special and unique,
  • ON DEMAND | Sunday Rundown
    Ep. 13 | Final 2016 Edition
    Mississippi State | Season ends with loss in Super Regional,
    Ep. 12 | Sunday -MONDAY- Rundown |
    Sunday [MONDAY] Regional Reactions,
    Weekend Update | 6/5
    6/5 Weekend Update | Bulldogs 2-0 | Golden Eagles 1-1 | Rebels 0-2,
  • ON DEMAND | The Needle
    Ep. 47 | S.C. Gwynne | Author, The Perfect Pass
    Ep. 47 | S.C. Gwynne | Author, The Perfect Pass | American Genius and the Reinvention of Football,
    Sunday QB Show | #1 | 2016
    Mississippi State loses opener to South Alabama | Southern Miss comeback victory at Kentucky,
    Ep. 46 | Bill and Mary Smith
    Bill and Mary Smith | Met 70 years ago at Ole Miss,
  • ON DEMAND | Rebel Report
    Rebel Report - Georgia On Our Minds
    Ole Miss has a great opportunity to beat a highly ranked opponent on Saturday. Georgia is undefeated but has look suspect on both sides of the ball all season long. Can Ole Miss build on the strong offensive starts they've had in every game this season? And you'll find out why being balanced on offense might not be a good thing for the Rebels in this game. Plus, we'll play another exciting game of 'Wheel of Misfortune' with the Cleveland Browns.
    Rebel Report - Beat Bama ...Again
    The 5 Keys to Ole Miss beating Bama for a 3rd Straight Year plus Univ of Colorado SID throwing a booger at Michigans Harbaugh?,
    Rebel Report - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
    Overall, there's not much new in the response to the NCAA allegations. But did the response reveal some things that may have the media feeling burned? Also was former coach Houston Nutt "vindicated" (huh?) after the allegations and response were made public (nope, no, negative)? Plus, our tribute to the great Uncle Verne.
  • ON DEMAND | State of State
    Ep. 12 | AJ Jefferson | Nelson Adams
    Jay visits with MSU senior defensive linemen AJ Jefferson and Nelson Adams,
    Ep. 11 | Jay Perry and Charlie Winfield | Looking back, looking ahead
    Jay and Charlie look back at the season-opening loss, and look ahead to the South Carolina game,
    Ep. 10 | Bill Martin
    Jay Perry is joined by MSU Assoc. Athletics Director, Bill Martin,