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Governor Phil Bryant on calling a special session ,
Gallo Radio Show (1st Hour)
The first open lesbian wins Miss Missouri, but why does her sexuality matter?
The first open lesbian wins Miss Missouri, but why does her sexuality matter?,

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Monday, June 27th

  • 7:30 am – Governor Phil Bryant on a possible special session
  • 8:05 – Jim Pollard, Public Affairs Manager with AMR of Central MS
Rebecca Turner

Rebecca Turner talks about Eating Healthy on The JT Show

"I firmly believe happy people eat bread. You don't necessarily need it everyday, but there's no need to ditch it

Senior Editor at The Federalist, David Harsanyi, joins The JT Show

"If the President had one choice, to destroy ISIS or the NRA...which one would it be?" Senior editor at The Federalist

Weekend Movie Reviews with Tanya T

What movies should you take the family/spouse to see this weekend? Tanya T gives you the scoop: [waveplayer size="lg" ids="64207"]

Athlon ranked the coaches in the SEC, Freeze and Mullen are higher than you might have expected

In typical off-season content, Athlon Sports ranked the SEC coaches 1-14.  Hugh Freeze was ranked #2, and Mullen was ranked

Ever wonder what Canadian Football League players make?

Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross, in honor of the commencement of the CFL season, dove into the player salaries, how
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The democrats in congress had a sit-in, but their motives don’t seem to be pure

Some congressional democrats held a sit-in to try and force the republicans to vote on gun control measures.  They were

The first open lesbian has won Miss Missouri. But why does her sexuality matter?

Erin O'Flaherty, an open lesbian, won the Miss Missouri pageant.  At the forefront of her victory comes the attention drawn

A woman is planning on walking from Mississippi to Washington D.C. topless. Nope, we aren’t kidding

In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer and the problems with negative body image, a woman is planning

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  • ON DEMAND | Gallo Radio Show
    Gallo Radio Show (2nd Hour)
    Governor Phil Bryant on calling a special session ,
    Gallo Radio Show (1st Hour)
    The first open lesbian wins Miss Missouri, but why does her sexuality matter?
    The first open lesbian wins Miss Missouri, but why does her sexuality matter?,
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    David Harsanyi, Senior Editor at The Federalist, talks about your 2nd amendment rights and gun control,
    The J.T. Show (1st Hour)
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    Trending Now
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    Pundits expect Volunteers to challenge in 2016
    Perception among national media is that Tennessee should have a great season in 2016,
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    100 Teams 100 Days | 69 - Appalachian State,
    Are media working on a \"hit piece\" on Ole Miss?
    Rumor is that a media outlet is working on a new Ole Miss story | True or false? ,
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    Ep. 34 | Simmons Enrolls at Mississippi State
    Mississippi State allows Jeffery Simmons to enroll in school under conditions,
  • ON DEMAND | Rebel Report
    Rebel Report - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
    Overall, there's not much new in the response to the NCAA allegations. But did the response reveal some things that may have the media feeling burned? Also was former coach Houston Nutt "vindicated" (huh?) after the allegations and response were made public (nope, no, negative)? Plus, our tribute to the great Uncle Verne.
    Rebel Report - Legacy
    What has 2016 meant to the legacy of Coach Hugh Freeze? What is the current perception of the Ole Miss football program? Whatever the perception of the program is to outsiders, it hasn't hurt recruiting much. With that, Hugh Freeze has only one option to get his legacy back on track... win.
    Rebel Report - Draft Nightmare
    The 2016 NFL Draft was supposed to be a dream come true for Ole Miss players, coaches and fans. Instead it quickly became a nightmare. What happened, why and where does Ole Miss goes from here?
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    Ep. 09 | Bart Gregory
    Jay Perry and Bart Gregory discuss Mississippi State baseball's championship season | Plus, reaction to Clarion Ledger headline controversy,
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    Jamie Arrington visits with former USM point guard Neil Watson,
    Ep. 21 | Todd Pinkston | Sammy Arrington
    Ep. 21 | Todd Pinkston | Sammy Arrington,

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