The perfect time to be Patriotic

Tonight, a team representing the United States of America will take the field against a foreign foe with the hopes of continuing a run of historic significance. At 9:55 PM on Fox Sports 1, the U.S. Men’s National Team will take on Honduras in the 3rd match of the Hexagonal stage of CONCACAF World Cup … Continue reading “The perfect time to be Patriotic”

Tinnitus Prophylactics

In Washington, Democrats are doing everything in their limited power to fight the Hearing Protection Act, which would make it easier to purchase a suppressor for your firearms. The arguments presented by many of these loony liberals are based on less facts than a Bat Boy article from the Weekly World News, and only further … Continue reading “Tinnitus Prophylactics”

Ole Miss…Was It Worth It?

With the self-imposed penalties announced in Oxford yesterday afternoon, the question comes up for Ole Miss fans…Was it worth it? If you’re a fan of the University of Mississippi, the last 24 hours might have made you feel a little uncomfortable. The elation and pride you carried with you from when your team and its coach landed … Continue reading “Ole Miss…Was It Worth It?”

The Mystery of the Missing Magnolia State Lottery

JT has been touting a lottery in Mississippi as a means to raise infrastructure funding for over a year now, but it appears any hope of getting a lottery bill through the legislature is dead in the water for yet another year. Whether you agree with Speaker Gunn’s flat refusal to hear debate on a … Continue reading “The Mystery of the Missing Magnolia State Lottery”

Southern Miss Wants YOU…to play hooky!

Southern Miss has a lot to look forward to on the diamond this season, and the defending 2016 C-USA Champions will get the first pitch of their 2017 season across the plate against Northeatern around 4PM at Pete Taylor Park in Hattiesburg. The Golden Eagles will run Junior right-hander Hayden Roberts out on the mound to … Continue reading “Southern Miss Wants YOU…to play hooky!”

Senator Kid Rock?!

It isn’t too uncommon to have a celebrity run for public office, and it isn’t unheard of to have a celebrity actually win an election. From former California Governor Schwarzenegger to former Governor Jesse Ventura and even President Donald Trump, political strategists have struggled to replicate the brand and name recognition enjoyed by celebs in America. … Continue reading “Senator Kid Rock?!”

Denzel Nkemdiche and the Man in the Mirror

After finding himself falling asleep on yesterday’s Head to Head, Denzel Nkemdiche joined the conversation today, wide awake and in seemingly good spirits. The former Ole Miss linebacker and older brother of NFL rookie Robert Nkemdiche joined Matt and Richard to give you an update on his life’s journey, his unique perspective on the universe … Continue reading “Denzel Nkemdiche and the Man in the Mirror”