Borkey Show: Coaches are better off not being fully honest with fans

Tennessee coach Rick Barnes delivered a refreshingly honest press conference yesterday where he admitted that if UCLA was willing to pay his large buyout he would have taken that job. But fan reaction says maybe sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy. Also the 3rd assistant proposal in college baseball is going to be shot down … Continue reading “Borkey Show: Coaches are better off not being fully honest with fans”

A third paid assistant would come to college baseball, but multiple big money conferences wont let it happen

Kendall Rodgers of D1 Baseball hopped on STM and brought some heat. There’s a proposal out there that would allow college baseball programs to have a third paid assistant on staff. ┬áIt may not go through, as there’s a hangup but NOT from the small conferences. What’s the deal? Kendall explains…

Let’s Get Healthy, Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties

The Mississippi Public Health Institute (MPHI) was recently awarded roughly $700,000 from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to focus on the health and well-being of families on the Gulf Coast. Tenille Collins the program coordinator for the MPHI REACH grant, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to talk details and areas of health interest.

Can you name apple species native to Mississippi?

Unless you grew up with apple trees in your backyard, you might not think of apples as being a native of Mississippi. Our great ancestors wouldn’t have seen the apples you pick out in the grocery store today growing on their homesteads. You probably have never heard of many of the types of apples that … Continue reading “Can you name apple species native to Mississippi?”

Borkey Show: Is Tennessee STILL a better football job than Ole Miss and MSU?

(After a quick look at the first round of the Masters) We discuss the changing landscape in college football, specifically how there’s more revenue and exposure coming into the “small” power-five programs than ever before. But there’s also no denying that Tennessee was once a far better job than Ole Miss/MSU, but is it anymore?

Does coffee provide a competitive advantage?

Athletes have long been using caffeine or coffee for a competitive advantage, but what does the science say? Coffee guru and founder of Umble Coffee, Kenneth Thomas, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to break down the science behind enjoy a cup of coffee and a competitive advantage.