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8/15/14: 12:00 pm- Dick Guyton - Executive Dir/Elvis Presley Birthplace & Museum | 12:30 pm- Damien Redmond - from Cruger, MS was hit by a drunk driver last year while he was headed back to school. He has had 14 surgeries trying to recover from the crash. And Carol Mann with MDOT 
ON DEMAND | Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
You get to learn more about how New Summit School and the Spectrum Academy are helping individuals living with Autism! ,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Diane Ryan stopped by the studio to discuss with Rebecca the best ways to declutter your house and your life!,
Good Things with Rebecca Turner
Your going to hear about Ole Miss Concert Singers going to Carnegie Hall!, Rebecca and Ryno discuss parenting and dating in the way only they can! ,

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