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Road Rage discussion - both JT and Ryno have had folks get out of their car to come up and try to start something over road rage, Trump can't block people on Twitter - per Federal Judge, ,
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Stacey Pickering(Mississippi State Auditor) joins the conversation to discuss what his office is doing to reclaim misappropriated or stolen tax dollars, Morgan Freeman is the latest Hollywood star to be accused of inappropriate behavior, Two Lynx fighting audio - "What Your Intense Twitter Argument Sounds Like to Other People",

Today's Line-up:

The JT Show – Thursday, May 23rd, 2018

10:05 – Adam Candee(Sports Writer/Editor/Reporter from Las Vegas) will join the discussion and talk with JT about the future of sports betting in the Magnolia State and how it could look a lot like Vegas when it comes to the sports books. 

11:05 – Jennifer Hall(Rankin County Republican Women) will join the discussion to talk about the success of the Rankin County Republican Women’s Political Forum.

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