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7/31/14: 10:30 am- Lynn Fitch - State Treasurer of Mississippi: The Neshoba County Fair: 11:45 am- Phil Bryant - Governor of MS : The Neshoba County Fair 
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Tuesday,  December 12

Paul Gallo show Tuesday, December 12

7:20 am- Jay Hughes

Topic: 2018 Legislative session. Public School DONATION Tax Deduction and Dedicated Use (passed 121 to 1 last year before killed by Senate leadership). NOAH’S Law – No child under 18 can buy pure caffeine tables (has passed unanimously the last two years, and then killed in the senate by special interests and leadership) Ed. Enhancement Fund – require all sales taxes collected expressly for “CLASSROOM SUPPLIES” actually be given to classroom supplies (currently only $12M of $36M collected gets given to the classroom supplies as the law requires)(Was killed in the House committee last year).

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8:00 am- Stephen Bye- President of Cspire

Topic: C Spire today began offering its game-changing suite of wireless fiber-based fixed broadband internet access, which promises super-fast and affordable connectivity up to 100 Mbps, and related services to over 91,000 homes and businesses in over 40 markets across Mississippi.  The new services are part of C Spire’s massive broadband technology deployment announced in late September and a key element of its Tech Movement initiative, an outgrowth of its 2013 groundbreaking Fiber-to-the-Home program, one of the first of its type in the U.S. and the fastest to connect thousands of Mississippi consumers in nine communities around the state to ultra-fast Gigabit speed Internet access, digital television and home phone services. 

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