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6/5/14: 11:00 a.m.: Michael Watson, MS State Senator/District 51 (Pascagoula), will be joining the J.T. Show to discuss the Runoff Election. || 12:00 p.m.: Steven Jay Fogel, principal and cofounder of Westwood Financial Corp., will join J.T. to discuss his book, "Your Mind Is What Your Brain Does for a Living", as well as the distractions that our smart phones, apps and social media are having on our daily lives. 
ON DEMAND | Head to Head
John Cohen, Mississippi State baseball
John Cohen | Full Interview | 5/23,
TV Nostalgia | Cheers and the Fresh Prince
Great, old TV shows | Cheers | Fresh Prince of Bel Air,
Corey calls | Ole Miss NOA, NCAA
Corey asks about Ole Miss releasing their NCAA/NOA information next week,

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