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8/12/14: 7:00 a.m.: Matt Steffy, MC Law Professor, & Jim Leggett, Belhaven Professor, will join the Gallo Radio Show for a Professors Roundtable discussion. You won't want to miss this! || 8:00 a.m.: Kevin J. Seddon, president of the Tupelo market, will be joining us to discuss the fact that the percentage of new and international home buyers is up 32%. 
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Today's Line-up:


Wednesday, December 13


Paul Gallo show Wednesday, December 13

7:20 am- CJ Rhodes/ Reverend

                        TOPIC: MS Bicentennial

            In studio


8:00 am- Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwel

            Topic: Pascagoula mayor meets with President Trump; says funding heading to Flagship City


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