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7/22/14: 7:30 a.m.- Justice George Clarence Carlson, Jr. of Batesville will be joining the Gallo Radio Show to discuss Carlson's tensure on the high court and some of his most memorable cases. | 8:00 a.m.- Mara Hartman, Entergy Mississippi Media Spokeswoman, will be joining Gallo to discuss scammers continuing to target small business owners and others and how not to fall victim to the scams. 
ON DEMAND | Head to Head
Head to Head (3rd Hour)
All of the different calls from Alabama's game winning touchdown, Did Georgia blow it, or did Alabama just win it? ,
Head to Head (2nd Hour)
Looking at Saban's decision to pull Jalen Hurts, Pearl head football coach John Perry , Now that they're over, was last night proof that we need to expand the playoff? ,
Head to Head (1st Hour)
Recapping last night's National Championship game, Ryan Brown of WJOX in Birmingham , Headlines,

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