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The J.T. Show (3rd Hour)
Louisiana Senators voting against banning bestiality, Gulf Coast NAACP warnings that Ocean Springs is a "hostile environment", Listener responses, Bridge closures in Mississippi, Special Session Scuttlebutt, , Proposed tax swap - Income Tax Cut and Gas Tax increase, Ronnie's call on Louisiana Senators , Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day and Your Daily Calendar!,
The J.T. Show (2nd Hour)
Southern District Public Service Commissioner Sam Britton stops by to talk about Mississippi's Energy Policy(or lack thereof), Madison parents warned about teens vaping CBD Oil, , CBD oil conversation continued,,
The J.T. Show (1st Hour)
Black Spring Break this weekend, Famous speed traps in Mississippi, Different states trying to ban Bump Stocks - they are a gimmick, , More on bump stocks, Russian meddling in election?, ,

Today's Line-up:

The JT Show – Thursday, April 19th, 2018

10:05 – Don Redmon(AAA) will join the discussion to talk about the rising gas prices and whether or not you’re going to see any relief as the mercury rises

11:20 – Steve Azar(Mississippi Musician and host of “In a Missississippi Minute”) will join the conversation to give you an update on his show “In a Mississippi Minute”, his wild and crazy life, and to catch up with JT!

12:05 – Mayor John Henry Berry(Mayor of D’Lo and Star of the TV Show “Small Town, Big Mayor” will stop by to talk about life in D’Lo, the upcoming O’ Brother Fest this weekend, and you might even hear some news regarding the next season of “Small Town, Big Mayor”!

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