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Robert's call on Daylight Savings Bill, Swiss law on Lobsters thrown into boiling water, , Jason Scott(MDOT) talking about winter weather and road conditions this weekend, what to cook this weekend,, New Jersey town fining non-residents for cutting through to bypass traffic, Kelly Clarkson spanks her kids, Making your kids say Sir or Ma'am,
The J.T. Show (1st Hour)
Trump's comments on countries like Haiti, Classic Rock talk - ZZ Top Album Artwork, , Trump's comments on Haiti continued, , Andy Gipson's Daylight Savings Bill,
The J.T. Show (3rd Hour)
NBC plans to show kneeling player during Super Bowl broadcast, Walmart giving out bonuses and raising their minimum wage after Tax Reform, Rodger Wasson from Region 8 Mental Health Services joined the conversation to talk about the opioid epidemic and how you can find help if you are struggling with addiction, "George" calls in to talk about his struggle with addiction and to let folks know it is possible to get over an addiction, , Scott tweets in that he gave blood for the first time, Your Daily Calendar!,

Today's Line-up:

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

10:35 – Ann the Reality Queen will make her weekly appearance a day later than usual, but it is guaranteed that she will bring just as much spirit and spunk to the conversation as you would normally expect, just 24 hours later. 

12:05 – Roaring Lambs Ministries will be stopping by the studio with special guest Ryan “Birdman” Parrott, a former Navy Seal and author of Sons of the Flag: Real Accounts from the last 100 years of American Service, to talk about his time spent serving with the Navy Seals and to discuss what brings him to the Magnolia State!

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